Krishnarjuna Yudham Twitter Review & Rating by Audience: Live updates


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Krishnarjuna Yudham Twitter Review

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Krishnarjuna Yudham story: Krishna and Arjun are look-alike playboys. Krishna hails from Andhra Pradesh, India, while Arjun is an Indian-origin rockstar based in Prague.

Both of them fall head-over-heels for two girls, but several difficulties hound the lovebirds. Things take an interesting twist when they come face to face. What happens next forms the crux of the story.

Krishnarjuna Yudham Twitter Review & live updates

We bring you some viewers’ verdict on the film shared on Twitter. Continue to read audiences’ response.

Vinay Gudapati‏ @gudapativinay

#KrishnarjunaYuddham Nice first half @NameisNani Adaragottadu performance #KrishnarjunaYuddham : Superb 1st half, pretty avg 2nd half. Overall a pretty decent entertainer @NameisNani performance as Krishna in the movie stands out!!

Varun Kilaru‏ @varunkilaru

#KrishnarjunaYuddham #kay- Can’t believe that this film is directed by Merlapaka Gandhi… Bad film made worse by a weird score and bgm! Nani did not suit d role of a rockstar but is in his elements as Krishna and is the only saving grace of the film!

Magnus Media Inc‏ @MagnusMediaInc

#KrishnarjunaYuddham @NameisNani …superb mass action performance by Nani. Overall a superb family entertainer. Nani and Merlapaka Gandhi proved one more time.

♓arsha @harshakaruturi

Done with 1st Half, Arjun characterization aithe Roddest in Nani career #KrishnarjunaYuddham

Sushanth Nallapareddy‏ @sushanthreddy

Interval. Stating kasepu theda ga unna… aa tharvatha nunchi bavundhi !!… nice mix of humor, romance n music. #KrishnarjunaYuddham I still don’t know why that last song showed up there… but #KrishnarjunaYuddham is a decent movie over all. Has consistent ups n downs but ends up as one time watch.


#KrishnarjunaYudham First half Fantastic..Second half Avg..Over all hit..Comedy worked really well in the first half..Movie is on women trafficking !! #KrishnarjunaYudham is better than #MCA

Krishnarjuna Yudham Twitter Updates

TrustworthY‏ @Vinodpowerram

Average flick Nani always the saviour from ages ! No big twists as such Hip hop bgm Cinematography Ok ok Anupuma Depends on how audience decide the movie’s talk Nani Slang Performance As usual #KrishnarjunaYuddham

Ramakrishna ‏ @krishna171089

#KrishnarjunaYuddham – Succeds only in the first half. Poor songs & Weak plot in second half pulls down the films’ graph southwards.

Shruthi HDL‏ @Baskar_09

#Nani’s #KrishnarjunaYuddham is a routine template dual role film which offers nothing new,1st Half -> #AVG, 2nd Half -> #BelowAvg, Result -> #UtterFLOP,#Rating -> (2.5/5)

Filmydosa‏ @filmydosa1

#KrishnarjunaYuddham decent 1st half..weak 2nd half.. Comedy scenes few.. 2.75/5..can Nani pull again?? With #BharatAneNenu coming.. On 20th..lets wait and see..

Telugudirect‏ @telugudirect

#KAY #KrishnarjunaYuddham It is all the Krishna’s show. Decent first half and dragged second half. Overall not a great movie. 2.5/5 rating. #KrishnarjunaYuddham #KAY If it is not for Nani’s good portrayal of Krishna character, movie might have been even bad. Arjun character does not have much in the movie. #KrishnarjunaYuddham #KAY Only one song is good (Dari choodu). Rest of the songs are not that great, some even interrupt the story. #KrishnarjunaYuddham #KAY Cinematography is average especially village scenes. It could have been better. #KrishnarjunaYuddham #KAY has a decent story (mostly in the second half). First half does not have much story except love tracks. Krishna’s one is good and Arjun’s not convincing. #KrishnarjunaYuddham #KAY @NameisNani Nailed the Chittoor slang in Krishna’s character. It is the major highlight of the movie.

Hey ANDHRA Telugu‏ @HeyANDHRA4u

#KrishnarjunaYudham Review Good: Few Comedy scenes, Interval Twist, Two songs Bad : predictable screenplay, Less Entertainment values

Sree‏ @cinemirchi

#KrishnarjunaYudham First half Fantastic..Second half Avg..Over all hit..Comedy worked really well in the first half..Movie is on women trafficking !!

Winter‏ @superrbowl

1st half is just about ok with few funny scenes here and there. All Krishna scenes are plus and rockstar are minus so far. #KrishnarjunaYuddham Bad 2nd half with zero comedy..Overall Flop cinema..#KrishnarjunaYuddham

Likith Maddi‏ @likith87

Nani rocking .. entertaining so far .. first 10 mins lite #KrishnarjunaYuddham Good first half .. average second half .. Nani #KrishnarjunaYudham


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